IPL 2023: What happened to Yash Dayal after Rinku Singh’s innings? Drop a weight of 8 kg

New Delhi. April 9… Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans compete. In the final innings, 29 runners thundered, KKR batsman Rinku Singh hit five fours and five sixes off fast bowler Yash Mariyal. Rinku Singh became a star after performing a miracle, but does Yash Dayalchi know what his condition is? Gujarat captain Hardik Pandya informed that Yash Dayal is sick with the disease.

After the win against Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya told Star Sports that Yash is suffering from the disease. For this reason, conflict is not apparent. Pandya informed that Yash Dayal had fever and his weight had dropped by 7 to 8 kg.

Is it a coordinated nation?

Yash Dayalala is said to be hot, afraid of wind, but poor performance at high altitude or sea results. Since cricket is a sport, the responsibility for committing a foul rests on the individual player. After consecutive flops, only Virat Kohli’s players came out of trouble. There would be days when there was no Virat Batla Hathi Lavat. With the giant spiral wasteland, is cricket cut now?

Questions arise about the absence of Daya Yashal?

We inform you that after the match against KKR, Yash and Mariyal would not be in the playing XI, nor would they be included in the list of influential players. Khara Yash Dayal gaya kuthe aahe ha question everyone would have. The questions of Hardik Pandya and Gujarat Sanghvarhi would be there. Yash Marialchi Sanghachi Hami Sampli so it seemed to the commentators, but seeing the revelations made by Hardik Pandya, cricket fans will not be better off. Yash will improve soon and is expected to force his way onto the field.

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